This is my bedroom.

It’s white and I have a poster on my wall.

There are two beds in my bedroom, one bed is mine and the other one is my brother’s.

My bed is purple, pink and a little bit of brown and blue.

My brother’s bed is light brown and white.

He has got a guitar beside his bed.

There’s a desk and a chair in my room.

My desk and my chair are on the rug.

The rug is black with gray stripes.

There are notebooks, pens and folders on my desk.

My books are everywhere in my bedroom and also in my cupboard. I love reading books! They are very interesting!

I’ve got two plushy bears. The pink one is small and the other one is brown and big.

There’s a big turquoise wardrobe beside the window.

There’s a cupboard with school supplies beside the wardrobe .

I love my bedroom and my family!

Thank you for reading!


Written by: Pika Rozman, 4.a

Avtor: Suzana Jefim

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